May 2019

We just released another “new” track, it’s a Gary Glitter cover called “Hello I’m Back again”. For the video we collaborated with a famous You Tuber, check it out here

January 2019

Happy New Year everybody, and we have a little special thing for you, we are the first Dutch band who released a track in 2019! Check out The Forecaster

Rocktober 2018

We can’t be more proud, than at this moment, common people, let’s celebrate our new EP “Wish You Could Hear”

August 2018

We are recording our new EP for 2018 at this moment, we can reveal the title, it’s “Wish You Could Hear”

May 2018

On august the 4th, we are playing in The Jug in Ede, together with Duo Van Piekeren.

We released a snippet of a new tune we are working on, it’s called “Slave Labour”, check it here.

March 2018

And yet another gig is coming up on July 21st. We gonna play at Wim’s Muziekkelder in Doetinchem!! The whole thing starts at 15.30, don’t be late!

February 2018

We have joined Gigstarter check it out here

Another gig is coming up, 26th of May in Sassenheim together with our friends from Eindhoven Endfield.

December 2017

Our next gig is on the 27th of January in Villa 29 in Barneveld, come in large groups, maybe you get a discount.

(R)oc(k)tober 2017

Another one of our darkest secrets is revealed, right here

Here is our new video for “The Great Leader”

September 2017

With great joy, we like to announce the release of our 2017  “WiPe’s World Tour” EP. Check out the tracks and the possibility to listen them, right here


August 2017

Yes people, after some “time off” we are back (with a vengeance), thanks for all the mail we have got, and sorry you weren’t able to visit us (has something to do with the “holiday camp”” regime). Here we are again in our hometown:

June 2017

Although we are really getting the hang of this cloth peg making, we found the time to upload another revealed secret, check it out here


Bad news people, unfortunately we are told that we can't perform for a couple months, due to certain circumstances we cannot reveal right now.
Meanwhile we wish everybody else a nice summer, as we refine our skills in clothes peg making.

May 2017

Although we don't play on any of the 5th of May Liberation festivals this year, we sure would like to a make a musical contribution in the name of Freedom.
Check out our live performance on , where we played our song "Freedom"
Check it

April 2017

More secrets are being revealed here


We released another new track called “America First” check it out here.

March 2017

We had a great time in Zelhem at the iBeat Recording Studio where the recording for live@Ideaal took place. Thanks Arno Wolsink for the great pictures, Gerrie for the interview, Jeroen and Rick for the sound and taking care of us!!

Check out the whole shebang at live@Ideaal right here

or some pics here

February 2017

We just released a new track called “Ganesha” check it out here

Our second birthday!!


Oh no, more beans are spilled right here

January 2017

Although it’s maybe not a very good idea, Peter is going to spill the beans about his unique guitar/bass sound, you can check it here


Happy new year everybody, we’re looking forward to 2017. We’re making a great start with 2 gigs this month. Watch out Den Haag en Breda, here we come!

December 2016

We wish all our fans (yes you too!) a Merry Christmas and a happy 2017!!


Our gig at Brenda’s Petit Cafe in Purmerend has been postponed, the exact date will follow.


Rocktober 2016

Check out our gig page, 2 gigs have been added for December 2016 and January 2017


For all the people who can’t read our biography because it’s in English, we have put a very talented writer on the job (Thanks WB!), he translated it into Dutch and this is the result, click here


September 2016

Hurray we’v entered the Indie top 40 this week, with “Black Tulip”


Yes, people we got a new song out, it’s called “Black Tulip”, check the audio version here, or if you want some movement in front of you, check out the video.


August 2016

Hurray, our new 4 song EP “Clean” is out now! Check it here


July 2016

Exciting times, count with us people, right here


Meanwhile, check out this remix of “Level 32”


If you’re wondering, we are still enjoying a little break, looking forward to August, when we will release our new 2016 EP titled “Clean”.


May 2016

Now we will take a little break, to charge ourselves. Stay put, we will be right back :-)


We had (again) a great night in Nirwana Dronten, thanks everybody of the crew of Nirwana and thanks to all people who did show up at our gig. Especially the 5 people who did buy our WiPe USB stick, enjoy!!


Just a little update, we are currently working on our second EP which will be finished after our summer break. We’re quiet excited how the songs work out, we hope you like them aswell.


We will be playing on the 27th of May in Nirwana Dronten together with Vandervens and Roadcrew.

April 2016

We were asked back for “the end of the season party” in Nirwana Dronten on the 27th of May, details will follow.


We had a blast last night in Barneveld, thanks everybody!!


Attention attention, this saturday the 16th of April we will be the opening act of the night in Villa 29 in Barneveld. We will be starting exactly 21.00 hour! And please no pushing at the entry door please.


We have entered Giel Beelens talentscouting program and uploaded a (bedroom) video for “Level 32” , check it here

March 2016

Our next gig is on the 16th of April in Villa 29 in Barneveld!!


Our EP from 2015 contained a “Hidden Track” titled “Moon”. As we self, hardly could find this track back again, we decided to make a video for it, just to remember it :-) check it here

February 2016

Check out “Forecaster” played live in Nirwana Dronten right here


Holy Zorro, it looks like we have ourselves our own facebook page!


We just had an amazing night in Nirwana Dronten last night. Thanks to all the kind people of Nirwana who helped us playing our very first live show as WiPe. We hope everybody enjoyed it as much as we did, and hope to see you soon again!


Meanwhile check out two great pictures made by Femke Broekhuijsen here


And it is confirmed, WiPe will be playing in Nirwana Dronten on the 20th of February.


Allright! It looks like we are gonna do or first ever gig (as WiPe) in Nirwana Dronten on the 20th of February, it all has to be confirmed though. Hang on!

January 2016


And if all this is not enough, we celebrated our first year being WiPe, hurray!!


It feels like we are on a one month rocketride. This week (week 5) we have reached number 4 of the Indie 40 on Indie XL!! Almost time to celebrate with a cake!!


We moved up another three places with “Level 32” (week 4) we are at number 6 now, unbelievable, check it at Indiexl


This week (week 3) we’ve moved from 20 to 9 on the Indie 40 chart at Indie XL in!


It seems like Mr Bowie predicted the rise of Wipe already in 1980: “We are the goon squad and we're coming to town, Beep-beep” (Fashion) , R.I.P. Mr Jones.


We just recovered the shock that we’ve entered the Indie 40 chart at number 20!! at Indie XL

Happy new year everybody, and this years starts big!! We are the “Indie disc” of the week according to Indie XL!! with “Level 32” Hip hip hurray!!!! Thanks Indie!!


December 2015

As everybody, we were shocked by the news that Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister has passed away on the 28th of december 2015. The godfather of Lead Bass is no more. R.I.P


We wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a happy 2016!! Keep on supporting WiPe!


.We’ve partied all night long last night, we have entered the Indie XL Advice list :-) with “Level 32


As it is played at Indie XL, we’ve uploaded “Level 32” to YouTube also, check it here

October  2015

We made a video to accompany a track from our EP, check it out here


10 months underway, and we are very proud to present our first recorded EP. Check out a track (or all, if you dare) on our media page. Also you can gaze for a couple of hours or so, at our beautiful heads on the images page if you want. :-)

January 2015

You may ask yourself how did I get here? (Thanks David!!), well, you used Google or stumbled upon  this page, because you were curious about it. And rightfull you are, because WiPe is an exciting 2 man band project.

William (singer of Crazy/Daisy), approached Peter to do a new musical project and while discussing it, they thought no other band members were really necessary. Drums and vocals are handled by William, and Peter plays lead and bass guitar at the same time. Although he already played lead bass in a project called “Dirty Underwear” together with Claw Boys Clay drummer Marc Lamb in the early nineties, he didn’t handle the bass parts aswell back then. Fortunally Mike Kerr from Royal Blood has already proved, the last couple of years, that that also can be done.

And although it can’t been denied that Royal Blood is a influence, WiPe certainly doesn’t sound like them. Hold on to your seats, within a couple of months WiPe will produce a stunning EP. The world will be shocked!